You may have seen there is a $1 reserve promo for Trademe recently

Both OMINS and Easylister will be automatically taking advantage of this from 12/10/2013-20/10/2013.

What this means:
If an auction is $1 reserve and it has a photo and no gallery set normally: OMINS/Easylister will automatically apply a Free gallery.

If an auction is $1 reserve and set to gallery plus: OMINS/Easylister will automatically instead use a Free gallery, if there is a free gallery plus re-list pending for this product, it will simply be saved to be used once the Free gallery promotion has finished.

This functionality will only happen for $1 reserve auctions.

You don’t need to change anything in your OMINS or Easylister to take advantage of the promotion as this will happen automatically for you.

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