Dear OMINS users:

You may already be knowing that  trademe has changed its pricing since February 01, 2016.  The main features of this price policy change are as follows:

Success fee simplified.  
– A flat rate success fee of 7.9% for items that sell for more than $1.00 (note the 7.9% rate has not changed)
– an unchanged maximum success fee of $149
– The removal of tiered pricing for success fees for items that sell for more than $200.

Free photos.
– You can now add up to 20 photos to your listing for free.

Cheaper for lower-priced items.
If the sale price of your item is $1.00 or less, trademe will not charge a success fee.  also removed the minimum success fee of 50c. That means that if your item sells for more than $1.00, you’ll pay a flat rate success fee of 7.9% on the sale price.

you can read the full-detailed text on trademe site  here  trademe price policy change

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