OMINS is Snipesoft's flagship product providing a full Online Marketplace Integrated Network System (we help you manage all of your online trading with ease).

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What is OMINS?

OMINS (Online Marketplace Integrated Network System)

Is a web based SaaS(Software as a Service) application designed specifically for New Zealand based e-commerce. OMINS is a comprehensive system the #1 purpose of OMINS is to increase New Zealand e-commerce sales for the company using it and OMINS does that well.

Want to know why OMINS is the most popular choice for top trademe sellers and e-commerce companies wanting to maximize the New Zealand sales?

This is achieved through:

  • Specialized optimization features designed to maximize exposure and optimize listings on the most popular marketplaces such as Trademe, and an optimizing conversion and integration of a user's e-commerce website (using ewebstores).
  • Multi-channel functionality, the more channels, the more sales! It's a simple concept. OMINS supports the highest number of NZ online sales channels that any other software provider. (see multi-channel)

OMINS is also designed to save time, the interface was designed "in the field for maximum efficiency, OMINS simply the most efficient system for processing orders and automating the repetitive mundane tasks of e-commerce. OMINS also has back end integrations with a courier company ticket generating software and tracking systems.

One OMINS system can have multiple entries in each channel. For instance, one system can have 3 e-commerce sites, 2 trademe accounts, 1 single product with a single stock level can be listed on all of these sites and accounts simultaneously (maximum exposure).

OMINS is the premier independent Multi Channel software in New Zealand we firmly believe more channels = more sales!
Here is a list of the integrations possible with OMINS:

Marketplace Integrations

1st tier (full integration with optimization features):

  • Easywholesale (exclusive to Snipesoft)
  • E-commerce website (via

2nd tier integration:

  • (csv import)
  • (csv import)

Planned Future Projects:

  • alibaba
  • lazada

Other Integrations

Other optional sales optimizing features:

  • Auction site checkout system (allowing upsales post sale)
  • Integrated automatic Infomation site - allowing providing of extra photos to auction listings
  • Coupon redeeming site with upsell ablity via ewebstores (for grabone/yazoom etc)

Back end Integrations:

  • Ticket System integration
  • Courierpost (via flow/connect it)
  • PBT (via GoSweetSpot)
  • NZ Couriers (via GoSweetSpot)
  • Post Haste (via GoSweetSpot))
  • Castle Parcels (via GoSweetSpot)
  • NZ Couriers (direct)
  • Parcelport

List of couriers tracking system integrations:

  • NZ post registered mail
  • Courierpost
  • NZ couriers
  • Post Haste
  • Castle Parcels
  • PBT couriers
  • PBT Transport
  • Toll Couriers
  • Mainfreight

Other couriers can be tracking systems will be integrated on request.

Marketplace Automation Tools (Trade Me)

OMINS currently has full Trade Me integration apart from the special

OMINS can completely eliminate the need for any monotonous, repetitive tasks and maintenance of Trade Me listings.

Features include:

  • Full listing / relisting – including special categories, catalogue DVDs, bikes, cars, boats, (enquire for real estate and jobs). Listing is bound to stock so your products will not list when you have no stock.
  • Offers – automatic offers in real time for sold and unsold listings, offer at set prices or prices relative to the ending price, offers are bound to stock so listings won't offer when you are out of stock.
  • Editing – have 6 auctions for one product with a mistake or typo? Make one change in OMINS to edit them all.
  • Service and Convenience – customers can return to their checkout and check if their payment has been processed or see their tracking number and dispatch date.
  • Questions – answer or ignore questions all on one page, access pre-set answers and search all past answers for a certain product.
  • Auto Top-up – OMINS will auto top up your Trade Me account via credit card once it reaches a specified level.
  • Feedback – left automatically on completed trades, customize when feedback is placed, search over old feedback, sort by feedback type.
  • Refunds – instantly see unpaid items and request a fee refund from Trade Me.
  • Live stock integration – when items are sold on Trade Me, OMINS will create an order/invoice immediately. The product will be removed from your stock record and a customized email will be sent to your customer. Once the address is provided (via Trade Me or through the optional OMINS checkout) the address will be updated live in OMINS. If the product still has stock within minutes an offer will be made and it will be re-listed on Trade Me.

Stock/Inventory Integration

OMINS features inventory control with vendors and purchases. Enter in a purchase, and once marked as received, the item is in stock, linked and listed on your e-commerce website and auction websites.

  • Full featured stock control – vendors, purchase orders, stock receipt, stock adjustments, purchase planning, stock valuation, and search on items that are running low on stock email purchase orders to vendors.
  • Integrated stock levels control listing/website – Product stock level controls website, and auction listing / offering.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

OMINS provides you with a customer database and invoicing system with many unique features:

  • Customer database – maintain customer database with addresses phone numbers and email addresses, with integrated mass email functionality.
  • New customers and orders created live – from website or auctions, multiple purchases can be automatically combined with configurable time-frame and configurable discounted combined shipping.
  • Email templates / on-click emails – create unlimited configurable email templates, one click send and/or scheduled, comes with a preloaded set-up which includes: after auction email, invoice as PDF attachment, tracking email, overpayment, underpayment, reminder to pay and more...
  • Individual customer information web page – where an individual customer can view live status of their order at any time.
  • Shipping company configuration – allows specific tracking information and direct links to courier tracking information pages. Preloaded shipping companies include: NZ Post, CourierPost, NZ couriers, Posthaste, Castle Parcels, Fastways, PBT. Any other company can be configured on request.
  • Leave notes/tasks/events or attachments – on orders, customers, products etc. Assign notes/task/events to any staff member.
  • Accounts receivable – bank account report, bank statement import with payment references automatically matched to orders for auctions and website.

Reporting and searching

Finding the information you need quickly and displaying it in a meaningful manner is important in any business. OMINS has flexible multidimensional reports that allow you to understand your business.

  • Flexible / extendible – Searches can extend into in-depth reporting allowing detailed general or specific reports over every aspect of your business. For instance, you can easily review individual product performance or track the sales of an auction set- up.
  • Basic search – for quick and easy reports.
  • Advanced search tool – to create and save highly customized reports
  • HTML or CSV export – all reports can be viewed in the system, exported to plain HTML table format for easy printing and even exported to CSV for Excel or other applications.


Automation is an important aspect of OMINS. The benefit of being built and tested in the field over a number of years means OMINS has some very powerful automation tools that will greatly reduce work flow and increase efficiency.

These include:

  • Bank statement import – download your bank statement and import into OMINS, OMINS can typically match up 95-98% of your payments with auctions and website orders, confirm and apply payments with a single click.
  • Two click order processing – most orders though OMINS require only 2 mouse clicks to fully process: one click to apply the payment automatically matched to the order by bank statement import and another to print the packing slip or invoice which is already populated with the address, extra items added to the order by the customer themselves via the checkout require no input from the OMINS user.
  • Automatic emails – any email template can be created and a personalized email can be sent to a customer with a single click, OMINS comes with preloaded common email templates.
  • Courier Tracking integration – with a basic bar code scanner you can scan 100+ tracking numbers into OMINS in minutes, OMINS prints a small bar code on the address label to reference the order, simply scan this and the bar code of the courier ticket/satchel, look up any order and see the exact day and even minute it was scanned, follow easily up lost parcels with the shipping company, OMINS will recognize the courier company can let you view the delivery status with single click.
  • Packing confirm with bar code / product picture – type or scan (using a bar code scanner) in your packing slips and see a view with pictures of the item(s) needed to pack. If the item has a bar code, this can also be loaded into OMINS and scanned against the order to confirm the correct item is picked. With this feature, a temp or new member of staff can accurately pick and package with a minimum of training.
  • Effective searches – OMINS allows you to locate customers or orders quickly, search user name, email, phone, order/auction number, tracking number, address etc., find all customers that purchased a product, quickly review all unpaid invoices, or unpaid auctions that require fee refunds requested.

Free Training

As with all our products, OMINS is also fully supported by comprehensive online training sessions, or 'webinars' these one-on-one training webinars are specifically designed to help new users fully benefit from all that Omins can do. These training webinars are also provided Free for new users, and on average this training equates to approx. 4x one hour sessions with our trainer over approx. two weeks, with full email contact beyond this as required.

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