OMINS "Work Less, Sell More!"

OMINS is a Sales-Optimizing, Multi-channel e-commerce system, that is specifically designed for the NZ marketplace. It can optimize and increase sales for e-commerce companies' NZ-based sales. Find out why OMINS is the #1 choice for Trademe stores, Top sellers, and serious e-commerce companies wanting to increase their New Zealand sales. Read more here


The website development arm of Snipesoft

When you get an E-webstore you get an online fully featured shopping cart solution which integrates with Trademe via OMINS. E-webstores are also designed to be simple to use for your customer and are optimized for selling in the New Zealand online marketplace. Ewebstores provide some exclusive features such as a Daily Deal System and ACE (Auction Customer to Ewebstore) auction site coupon conversion system learn more at

Total Assist

The complete e-commerce assistant-managed solution

Are you thinking of hiring staff to help with your emails, product listing and customer service? Rather than going through the red tape of hiring and lengthy training, buying new hardware and furniture, and paying high wages and holiday pay, why not consider using a Snipesoft Total Assist assistant?

Using Total Assist you can benefit from part time or full time remote assistance from a consultant who is already directly trained by Snipesoft and is highly experienced with using NZ marketplaces such as Trademe and with all of OMINS features.

Our assistant can also help you generate more sales, improve your feedback rating and cost you significantly less than hiring direct employees. Consider an OMINS-integrated 3pl contract warehouse solution for a FULLY managed business with no more rent and utility bills for your warehouse. Read more here


Easylister is a simple listing tool that is provided free of charge

Easylister is an easy-to-use system that will let users manage auctions on Trademe.
We recommend Easylister for users that are just getting started and are too small or have too few sales to qualify for OMINS. To learn more go to


Easywholesale is a unique, exclusive marketplace. It is another exciting sales channel that can perform well for OMINS users and often account for a large percentage of their increased and total sales.

For general sellers, or small businesses EasyWholesale is a platform where you can buy products at wholesale prices, or buy in bulk at even sharper prices and then have the products shipped directly to your customers. We have teamed up with a number of importers and distributors to bring you a range of products that are specifically imported for their popularity on web and auction sites. If you need more information please Contact Us.

If you're looking for EasyWholesale Resolution Policies, you can now find them in the guides, located here