What is Total Assist

Total Assist is a Complete CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT option for your Omins, Trademe, EasyWholesale, website... online business.

It is Specifically Tailored to your individual online requirements, and is designed to Streamline your Operations by:

  • Saving you time
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing efficiencies in your business

By outsourcing your Omins/Trademe/EasyWholesale... management to our highly-experienced Virtual Assistants you can enjoy Multiple Benefits, including peace-of-mind with our POSTIVE FEEDBACK GUARANTEE (Certain conditions apply).

Individual Quote

Our Total Assist service is designed to save you money and give you the competitive edge you need.

This means Total Assist users can save almost $30k year in staff costs per worker because Total Assist requires an astounding only 33.80% approx of what it costs to pay an in-house staff member.

Plus, Total Assist also has the resources and expertise to perform a Huge range of tasks for users, and to apply these using Best Practice efficiency on your online account/s.

Total Assist also offers: A free 1-week evaluation and a Positive Feedback Guarantee. (Read more below)

How Does Total Assist Work?

Your main contact will be with our Virtual Assistant(s) who are highly skilled and experienced in OMINS/Trademe and e-commerce in NZ.

Your Virtual Assistant will manage the core aspects of your OMINS/Trademe etc business (as outlined below in detail), and will work every working day of the year (i.e Mon-Friday, but not public holidays).

Depending on the volume of your orders you may have 1 or more assigned Virtual Assistants managing your account. They will learn your account thoroughly, and will be Virtual Staff member(s) for you. Typically the same person(s) will be working on your account each day, however there may occasionally be other assistants that have more limited but adequate knowledge, that may fill in on busy days and or to cover sickness or holiday for your assigned Virtual Assistants. You will also never have to worry about sick days or holiday pay again, as Total Assist solves this for you!

Multiple Benefits to grow your Online Business:

As mentioned, Total Assist is a Complete Customer Service Management option for your Omins/Trademe/EasyWholesale online business, and it also includes a peace-of-mind Positive Feedback Guarantee (Certain conditions apply).

Total Assist is Specifically Tailored to your individual online requirements, and is designed to Streamline your Operations by:

  • Saving you Time
  • Reducing Costs
  • Increasing efficiencies in your business

Work Smarter not Harder...

# Save on the Time and Cost of Hiring Staff:
Instead of hiring more staff you can use Total Assist instead and pay our Virtual Assistant(s) on an hourly basis. ie Rather than having the overheads of new staff members (ACC, holiday pay, kiwi saver, sick pay PAYE, providing workstation computer's maintenance, power and bandwidth etc and the potential for having to pay them for "downtime," you can instead use Total Assist to fill in on your busy times, or on a more permanent basis, as you choose.

# Increase Efficiency in your Business:
Use Total Assist to manage your mundane order processing and the repetitive tasks that require action every day, and migrate your skilled staff and your own time, to areas of business growth and bottom line improvement egs listing optimization, marketing, sourcing, optimizing re-ordering. ie "Work more 'On' your business not just 'In' your business."

# Reduce overheads even further by adding Contract Warehousing:
You can optionally use Total Assist (often in combination with a contract warehouse) to Completely Optimise your business by remove overheads and unneeded expenses.

eg This may mean closing/downsizing your office/warehouse utility bills, maintenance/replacement payments for shelving, computer equipment office furniture, reduction in staff and respective wages. All of these costs can be removed from your business, and using Total Assist your business can process More orders, More efficiently without the need for these overheads.

You can therefore pocket the savings, or pass these into your product pricing in order to be more competitive. It's up to you!

# Relax, and Enjoy a Positive Feedback Guarantee!
If we are managing your return/refunds and also doing Negative Feedback Mitigation for you, then we can also offer you a Positive Feedback Guarantee, whereby we will maintain a certain feedback rating for you, otherwise you don’t pay us!
*Certain conditions apply

Associated Services that we recommend:

Contract Warehouse:
If you don't already have one, a contract warehouse is recommended in addition to Total Assist, and we can also audit this for you, and ensure smooth operation and low rates for you. (If required, we can also recommend a contract warehouse for you that can work well with your OMINS and Total Assist).

A Business banking system:
A Business banking system that allows limited user access such as ASB Fastnet Business, so our Virtual Assistant can check for new payments and/or book refund payments pending your approval.
We can assit in the setup or we can even provide a account to accept incoming payments on your behalf and remit funds to you on a weekly basis.

Here are some examples of tasks that our Virtual Assistants can perform

Managing Listings and Processing Sales:

Product Entry: Products can be set-up in Omins for Trademe/EasyWholesale/Ewebstore, and you can provide our Virtual Assistant with your supplier specs and photos. Our Virtual Assistant will also use Google, and will construct professional listings and place these in the appropriate categories for you, on all sites.

Website Management: First, please advise us if you already have an integrated, Ewebstore site (ie a site that already integrates with your Omins).

We can help with the following tasks:

  • Category creation
  • Product listing/specials/Daily Deals configuration/management
  • Content creation (Blog/Facebook/Twitter entries)
  • Newsletter creation and management

Email inbox: regular email inbox, combined order, price confirmation, bank details, standard product questions, delivery follow up liaise with couriers etc. (Note: only highly technical, product-specific questions that our consultants have not been trained in, would be referred to you, and everything else will be managed)

Trademe/EasyWholesale... questions answered: Most questions are simple such as is "pickup allowed, how long till delivery etc" or simple product questions that can be found in the description or on google (Again, only highly technical, product-specific questions that our consultants have not been trained in, would be referred to you, and everything else will be managed)

Order processing: When provided with bank statements, orders are marked as paid, and checked for rural delivery follow up if required, addresses are followed up, and orders prepared, so there is simply a list of items to print, complete with addresses, and we will also liaise with your warehouse staff/contract warehouse (where applicable).

Bank Processing: We suggest ASB FastNet business, however other banks have similar products, and these allow ‘read-only’ access, so that our Virtual Assistant can access relevant bank statements at any time, and can then book payments and refunds ready for your approval.

Contract Warehouse/warehouse audit: We can audit charges and dispatches for your warehouse or a contract warehouse, and give you a report of dispatches and ticket/batches used, slow dispatches etc to ensure that you are not being overcharged. and to ensure packages are being dispatched in a timely manner.

Maintaining Positive Feedback:

Management of Refund/Return Processing: Refunds/returns can be managed, Disposal restock or testing decisions can be made based on each situation, rules given regarding cost price, and returns are managed according to rules as set out by you (we can also send you a questionnaire to help you form your return/refund rules). You can be contacted in certain situations (ie Where a return is over X amount.)

Negative Feedback Mitigation: There are a number of ways to deal with negative feedbacks to have them removed or changed to positive. Requests can be placed with Trademe re breach of Terms and Conditions, polite offers of Remedy partial refund/full refund can be given. (You can allot a certain dollar value to a negative feedback, say $30, and our Virtual Assistant will attempt to remove this feedback within that budget)
ie There are a range of ways of dealing with negative feedback, and our Virtual Assistants are highly experienced in getting negative feedback removed or changed to positive.

# A Positive Feedback Guarantee!:

If we are Managing your Returns/Refunds and your Negative Feedback Miitigation, then we can also offer you a POSITIVE FEEDBACK GUARANTEE option. This means we will maintain a certain feedback rating, otherwise you don’t pay us!

Other Tasks:

Other tasks: Please be specific if you have any other tasks you would like help with:
egs: tracking of incoming purchases, dealing with suppliers, re-order management (or any other task that you may wish to be performed, that can be done remotely).

What is the next step?

1. Understanding your requirements:
Please Contact us we will discuss your requirements and details:

2. Quote:
We will formulate a quote for you.

3. Draft Policies:
Once we offer you a quote and you would like to proceed, then we may also ask you a few questions in order to jointly establish some draft policies with you around your returns/refunds negative feedback, etc.

4: A One-week free evaluation:
Once these draft policies are in place, Total Assist will then conduct a first-week free evaluation. They will also provide a detailed analysis Report on your account and an estimate of the number of hours per week required to work on your account.
(During this week we will perform the tasks as required by you, for free, and with no obligation on your part).