Snipesoft is a technology company formed in 2006, focusing primarily on providing e-commerce solutions to meet a growing demand for services within the New Zealand market. We saw companies required a powerful multi-channel e-commerce solution that integrated with the top online marketplaces to help manage their online businesses in the international market and the demand for an New Zealand specific solution was also strong however there were no products in the market at that time. So we created our robust flagship product OMINS, a powerful SaaS system specifically integrated with all the top New Zealand marketplaces, which helped thousands of Kiwi companies and International companies optimise their presence in the New Zealand e-commerce landscape.


Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded, adding a range of e-commerce services from web development, consultancy, client management services and even our own wholesale marketplace product Easywholesale, to help our clients grow beyond their expectations.


We have a motto at Snipesoft, we want our clients to “work less and sell more”, and that is the philosophy behind the design of our software, the products and services.