Snipesoft was formed to meet a growing demand for online marketplace and online auction products and services specifically in the New Zealand market. Many staff of Snipesoft began in e-commerce companies and we saw many solutions for companies requiring integrated and powerful multi-channel e-commerce solutions in the international market. There was also strong demand for NZ specific integrated e-commerce solutions but none available. Snipesoft was formed and our flagship product OMINS was built to meet this demand due to the nature of the online marketplace in New Zealand, and the need for specific solutions that cater to specific requirements and marketplaces that dominate in New Zealand.


Our products provide a Total online solution for online sellers, and our specialities encompass:
Sales-optimisation, multi-channel integration, and automation, as well as Ewebstore integration and outsourced customer service.


Snipesoft is a modern and multi-faceted e-commerce automation solution provider. The core of Snipesoft lies in our knowledge and experience in e-commerce and our focus on the online marketplace and online auction site integration in New Zealand. Snipesoft is at the forefront of multi-channel marketplace and online auction integration. We can provide a full ‘out of the box’ integrated system, through to fully customized solutions for small-to-large businesses looking to achieve a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.