Pictured in the above is Sreejith (General Manager & Head of Project Development) at Snipesoft receiving the Fast 500 award from Amy Adams the Minister of Communications & Information Technology at the Deloitte’s Awards in 2013.


Kiwi companies make up 10% of the fastest growing businesses within the Asia Pacific region, according to Deloitte. Snipesoft ranked 93rd after it grew a sizable 578 percent in 2012. Snipesoft gained momentum within the online marketplace with its comprehensive auction integration and automation software OMINS which provides a centralized business management platform for NZ-based e-commerce companies.  The expansion of our e-commerce services have also proved to be successful with exclusive products such as E-Webstore, a website platform which provides a fully featured online shopping cart solution with Trademe integration via OMINS.


Combined with Snipesoft’s exclusive marketplace Easy Wholesale consistently gaining popularity and the new Total Assist service which provides customized customer service management and high level optimization consultancy specifically to NZ e-commerce businesses, the year 2013 is proving to be an exciting year for Snipesoft and our clientele.


We look forward to all of you continuing this journey with us.

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