OMINS update in light of TradeMe’s Gold Trade Rebate


We are pleased to let you know that OMINS is fully integrated with Trademe’s Gold Trade Rebate. The process of sending your tracking number to TradeMe is now automatic for your convenience. Once TradeMe verified your parcel ID and proved that you have provided free shipping to your customer you will then receive your rebate.


Here’s how the process looks like:

Once you entered tracking to the invoice OMINS will automatically send it to TradeMe for them to verify. You can check it by going to the OMINS invoice and click “status history tab”.



After TradeMe verifies all the requirements are met for you to get the Gold Trade Rebate and you want to see the report in OMINS you will need to go to “reports> trademe transactions” and you will see this line item for the Gold Trade Rebate.



If you see a status entry “ShipCode Deleted on TM”  inside the invoice status history it means that the Shipping detail was sent to Trademe but Trademe reported back to OMINS that it is not in their list of valid shipcodes.

To know more about how the Gold Trade Rebate works you can visit this blog.



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